What Words Should You Use To Get Funding For Your Nonprofit Busines

Ram Tumuluri “What Words Should You Use To Get Funding For Your Nonprofit Business?”

Ram Tumuluri “One of the most important aspects of getting donations is the wording that you are using in your marketing efforts. Whether you’re creating an email for your website to potential donors, a social media message, an invitation, or a donation page, your words will impact the outcome. To inspire your partners to donate you need strategy and the right words. In this article, we will be covering 3 words that you can use to improve your donations.”


A nonprofit business can use this term in two ways when optimising their marketing; To help people see their contribution as a small gift rather than a huge sacrifice, and for reminding people that even a small contribution is a great start increases their chances of saying “yes.” For example, switch from “Can you give $5 to buy Bobby a school lunch?” to “A small $5 gift would provide Bobby with a nutritious school lunch.”


Our brains enjoy instant gratification and when we’re told that we can fix our problems easily we become more inclined to buy. If customers know they are instantly rewarded, they will be eager to buy your products. And while nonprofits don’t sell a product, they sell that same feeling of satisfaction that somebody feels when they complete a purchase. Make sure you follow through on the need for instant gratification by at least offering a thank you for the donation as well as proof of the impact the donation will have.


To ask for donations it’s important to use personal wording. “You” is one of the English language’s most powerful words. It helps to create a one-to-one conversation. “You” is the single most profitable word in advertising. The same holds true for the non-profit world. Using the word “you” catches the interest of your donor, and makes people see themselves as part of the solution. An example message would be “You can make a difference by clicking here.”