Why The CEO Should Get Outside To Exercise

Ram Tumuluri “Why The CEO Should Get Outside To Exercise”

Ram Tumuluri “Many of us are used to reaching for a cup of coffee when we feel exhausted, but research suggests a better way of getting energised is to connect with nature. People with a greater sense of vitality not only have more strength, but they are also much more immune to physical diseases. One way toward wellbeing is to spend more time in natural environments. This article talks about why the CEO should get outside to exercise and the scientific benefits of being outdoors.”

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Bring clarity to the brain with fresh air

The positive effects of sunlight 

Exercise provides your career with countless benefits

Bring Clarity to The Brain with Fresh Air

Fresh air purifies the lungs and adds more oxygen to the body, which increases the energy you need to do what you need to do. It also provides clarity to the brain by increasing blood pressure and heart rate. Feeling a sense of clarity can lead to a significant shift in the mood from negative to positive. The more fresh air you get, the more oxygen you breathe which increases the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale, making you happier.

The Positive Effects of Sunlight 

Sunlight naturally increases the supply of Vitamin D and helps protect the body from cancer and heart disease, lowering depression and type 2 diabetes. Artificial lighting can cause sluggishness and depression when stuck indoors. The strength of the light you are exposed to is also important, in addition to natural light exposure. A perfect way to get a dose of natural sunshine is to exercise outdoors. 

Exercise Provides Your Career with Countless Benefits

Studies have shown that exercise offers a number of brain-boosting benefits, including increased creativity, sharper memory and a stronger ability to concentrate. Take a few minutes each weekend and schedule the following week when you’ll be exercising. Morning workouts are ideal because you then have more control over your schedule, and can set a strong tone for your day. However, what’s most important is that you schedule your workouts at times that work for you.