World's Most Sustainable Companies

World’s Most Sustainable Companies

What are the world’s most sustainable companies? CEO Ram Tumuluri says that “Environmentally conscious businesses not only provide products that are sustainable and ethically sourced, but they also use environmentally conscious manufacturing and production practices. Environmentally conscious corporations are also attempting to completely transform the landscape of business involvement and responsibility in environmental protection.

Eco-friendly businesses go beyond their products in their fight against climate change. They work to safeguard the environment by pushing for sustainable legislation, boosting environmental awareness and encouraging local involvement in conservation initiatives, partnering with other campaigns and groups, etc.”

The Top Most Sustainable Companies in 2022


Orsted was named the world’s second most sustainable firm after pledging to combat climate change with renewable energy. Despite falling from first place in the overall rankings in 2020, the Danish power company remains the most sustainable energy firm globally, a designation it has held for three years in a row. As one of the major renewable energy generators, the company has shifted its focus from fossil fuels to renewable energy and is on course to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.


Stantec is not just one of the world’s most sustainable firms; it also leads the way in North America. Clean revenue and clean investments, which are goods and services that benefit the environment and society, accounted for half of the firm’s overall score. Moreover, their unrivaled track record in sustainability is the product of Stantec’s entire global organization’s profound dedication and excellent leadership.

Banco do Brasil 

Banco do Brasil, the largest bank in Brazil and Latin America by assets, is also one of the most sustainable businesses in the world. The firm, founded 212 years ago, seeks to be inclusive and digitally improve society by contributing to education through fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The government-owned corporation was placed ninth in 2020, but it quickly rose the rating this year.

McCormick & Company

McCormick & Company may be one of the world’s most sustainable companies, but it’s also the food industry’s leader. In addition, the packaged and processed foods industry in the United States has increased 16 points to earn its highest rating since the index’s inception five years ago.

Dedicated to environmental improvement, the Fortune 1000 corporation has committed to sustainable sourcing to assist farmers in over 80 nations, as well as investing in farming communities in Madagascar, India, and Indonesia.

American Water Works Company

American Water falls among one of the top sustainable corporations, having been recognized for its leadership and transparency. The US company, which was founded in 1886, is also the largest publicly listed water and wastewater utility operation, employing over 6,800 employees.

Despite serving 15 million people across 46 states, the corporation saves 12.5 billion liters of water each year through efficiency techniques. It has also promised to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2025.